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Not All Storefronts Are Created Equal.

Relative to the magical World Wide Web, Brick & Mortar has lost it's luster. In some profound way, you're competing with the virtual world which you're using to read this very sentence. We're here to make you stand out in the real world.


s-paint for glass

Transform your existing storefront windows into a strategic opportunity for you and your brand.

S-Paint is a revolutionary new way to create amazing displays for advertising, promotion, home-use, and more. The paint is easy to apply and remove and can be used on any smooth glass or acrylic surface. The flexibility and usability of this product make it more affordable than traditional displays. Cast your video from a projector onto the newly created S-Paint screen and enjoy up to 4k resolution! 



VitrineMedia LED Displays

The cable suspended lit display panels are VitrineMedia's signature products and specialty. Innovation, quality along with the evolution of this solution is what make VitrineMedia the market leader.



VitrineMedia LED Mobile Stands

The VM Stand is the VitrineMedia range specifically designed to be used within your point of sale, showroom, at tradeshows or other professional events…but also for window displays. VM Stands can be placed virtually anywhere.



9th Sense LED Video Walls

When you have a message to deliver, our LED Video Walls will make sure it's seen. Crisp, bright visuals in the form of modular displays means that any size is possible. Great for retail windows, car dealerships, flagship stores, and hallmark events. 



Digital Restaurant Menu

Allow tablets to be used as menus and ordering systems. With Quikserv, ordering becomes quick and painless for guests and staff. The wait staff will be given less of a work load which will allow better service in return.



Backlit Paper

Compatible with laser and inkjet printers. Make the most out of your investment in LED displays. Make sure you use this paper for the best results.